What hurts the most, was being so close and having so much to say... What you don't know!!!

Oh it’s time to let it go


The world’s got a funny way of turning around on you

When a friend tries to stab you right in the face

Losing faith in everything I thought I hoped I knew

Don’t sweat it, it was set on false pretense


Betrayed but not gonna be willing to change

And it doesn’t seem likely to fade


It’s sacrifice

False pretense you’ll hurt again

Stop pretending to deny


All along you know you thought you got the best of me

But you were wrong and I’m laughing right in your face

I cannot believe you claimed you were my family

Don’t sweat it – it’s set on false pretense


I can’t seem to understand it how you turned out to be so cold

You tried but were caught red handed, are you happy with your role?

It’s funny to me how you’ve turned into such a joke

false pretense - the red jumpsuit apparatus
16.1.08 17:22

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