What hurts the most, was being so close and having so much to say... What you don't know!!!

I think you can do much better than me

After all the lies that I made you believe

Guilt kicks in then I start to see

The edge of the bed where your nightgown used to be


I told myself I won’t miss you

But I remember

What it feels like beside you


I really miss your hair in my face

And the way your innocence tastes

And I think you should know this:

You deserve much better than me


While looking though your old box of notes

I found those pictures I took that you were looking for

If there’s one memory I don’t wanna lose

That time at the mall, you and me in the dressing room

I told myself I won’t miss you

But I remember what it feels like beside you

be better than me
11.1.08 13:57

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