What hurts the most, was being so close and having so much to say... What you don't know!!!

We are uninvited guests

In this melancholy world

And soon you learn

That the only thing worth to treasure

Are the people that actually care

Then why are there still tears in your eyes


So I’m trying to teach you something

But you turn away

So I’m trying to show you the path

But you’ll walk astray

I would cross the seven seas

Just to get to you

I wouldn’t sleep a thousand nights

To give what belongs to you


Then token of all I was

I traded for my escape

To see a new horizon

And my burden finally rests now

In the depths of its water grave

But the waves of the river will always remember


Forever isn’t long enough

In the company of you

My heart will always beat your name

11.1.08 13:50

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