What hurts the most, was being so close and having so much to say... What you don't know!!!

You don’t even hold me, like you used to hold me

And that’s the way, you could’ve made all the thing you told me

I remember when you told me, you’d never lied to me

I can’t believe I trusted you

I sacrifice my time and my heart

I gave you my all and what you do


You stepped on me, you walked on me

Boy you left your

Footprints on my

Heart broken, crying over the way you left you

Footprints on my

Heart aching, you ran all over me and left you

Footprints on my heart…


I know the way you were before me

And I was crazy to think you’d change

I put up with your attitude

Your selfish ways and your childish games

A good heart always ends up broken

But overtime, it’ll make me string

I put the pieces back together

Might take some time, but I just go on!


Love me or leave me

I don’t mind

My heart can’t take this pain

We had something so beautiful

But it’s not the same

So I gotta let this go

Gotta take back the truth

This situation makes no good for me

I can’t believe I let it happen like this

I just it back while you


Left your footprints on my heart

27.12.07 17:48

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