What hurts the most, was being so close and having so much to say... What you don't know!!!

Softly we tremble tonight

Picture perfect fading smiles are all that’s left inside

I said I’d never leave, you’ll never change

I’m not satisfied with where I’m at in life


Am I supposed to be happy?

With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price

Am I supposed to be happy?

With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price

You said, you said that would die for me


We made plans to grow old

Believe me there was truth in all those stories that I told

Lost in a simple game, cat and mouse

Are we the same people as before this came to light?




yello is supposed to be happy
11.1.08 14:02

I think you can do much better than me

After all the lies that I made you believe

Guilt kicks in then I start to see

The edge of the bed where your nightgown used to be


I told myself I won’t miss you

But I remember

What it feels like beside you


I really miss your hair in my face

And the way your innocence tastes

And I think you should know this:

You deserve much better than me


While looking though your old box of notes

I found those pictures I took that you were looking for

If there’s one memory I don’t wanna lose

That time at the mall, you and me in the dressing room

I told myself I won’t miss you

But I remember what it feels like beside you

be better than me
11.1.08 13:57

We are uninvited guests

In this melancholy world

And soon you learn

That the only thing worth to treasure

Are the people that actually care

Then why are there still tears in your eyes


So I’m trying to teach you something

But you turn away

So I’m trying to show you the path

But you’ll walk astray

I would cross the seven seas

Just to get to you

I wouldn’t sleep a thousand nights

To give what belongs to you


Then token of all I was

I traded for my escape

To see a new horizon

And my burden finally rests now

In the depths of its water grave

But the waves of the river will always remember


Forever isn’t long enough

In the company of you

My heart will always beat your name

11.1.08 13:50

You don’t even hold me, like you used to hold me

And that’s the way, you could’ve made all the thing you told me

I remember when you told me, you’d never lied to me

I can’t believe I trusted you

I sacrifice my time and my heart

I gave you my all and what you do


You stepped on me, you walked on me

Boy you left your

Footprints on my

Heart broken, crying over the way you left you

Footprints on my

Heart aching, you ran all over me and left you

Footprints on my heart…


I know the way you were before me

And I was crazy to think you’d change

I put up with your attitude

Your selfish ways and your childish games

A good heart always ends up broken

But overtime, it’ll make me string

I put the pieces back together

Might take some time, but I just go on!


Love me or leave me

I don’t mind

My heart can’t take this pain

We had something so beautiful

But it’s not the same

So I gotta let this go

Gotta take back the truth

This situation makes no good for me

I can’t believe I let it happen like this

I just it back while you


Left your footprints on my heart

27.12.07 17:48

Have you ever stared into the rain?

Through the clouds would never disappear

Have you ever screamed out in the dark?

Thinking no one lese could hear!


I was leaving footprints tainted by my past

On this winding road to you


I’d lost my faith in love

Tonight I believe again

My heart was a broken place

Now I feel whole again

You bring me honesty

And that’s worth believing in

And I believe

… again, maybe sometimes…


Have you ever spun out of control?

Like you never saw the road ahead

Have you ever just kept looking back?

Ever close to the edge


27.12.07 17:44

I bet you don’t know how it feels

To be walking past your house at night

I bet you don’t know how it feels

To stand outside and watch the lights

And I don’t know why


I just can’t seem to dry

The rain on my face

All the tears I’ve cried

I think of the day

When you pushed me away


What can I do?

Where can I hide

From all of these feelings I keep inside

It’s dark as can be

And you’ll never see

Just what it’s like to feel…


23.12.07 19:51

This one goes out to the lonely

… to the broken ones

… to the angels

Falling from the sky

And this one’s for you


And all the lovers and believers

And the one’s who’ve been betrayed

To all the fighters, all the dreamers

And the one’s who’ve not been saved

Don’t lose your faith, I know you’re right

Dint be scared of being lonely

I’m here with you


This one goes out to the lonely

… to the broken hearts

… to the people

Left behind, waiting to be found




23.12.07 19:38

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